Are you really measuring what matters?

In the arts and heritage sector, and especially at the interface of the creative industries and academia, project evaluation is often a disappointing experience.  After all the time and energy you’ve put into the project, it’s beyond frustrating when the final report doesn’t even come close to capturing the impact that you know you’ve been making.

You know there’s so much more to the project than what’s evident from the deliverables, because it’s not just what you produced that matters.  It’s not even just what you did: it’s the ways that you did it.

But how can you measure things that don’t even lead to a specific output?  Things like changes in perceptions or attitudes, the depth and breadth of community participation, whether people from different backgrounds and sectors have managed to find a common language, or whether people have been empowered to design new projects?

Green Spiral helps you evaluate things that are ‘Intangible but Important’.

We can help you to develop a Multi-Level Evaluation framework that highlights what’s valuable, meaningful and worthwhile to you, to your funders, and to your service users or clients.  You won’t be ticking pointless boxes or following a standard proforma, but evaluating what matters most to everyone who’s involved in the project.

You’ll have your own voice heard in the evaluation. 

Your core values. 

Your passions. 

Your unique selling points. 

Your own personal sources of soul-deep motivation…

And so will the other stakeholders. 

In creating the Multi-Level Evaluation framework, you’ll learn all sorts of things that you never realised before about both your funders and your service users, and how to deliver what they need without compromising your own values.

And once you have your framework in place, we can help you to evaluate where you are, envision where you want to go, and evolve to the next level through targeted training, partnership-building and fundraising.

Founded by Ashley Jay Brockwell, an artist and social entrepreneur with nearly two decades of experience in organisational development, Green Spiral Consulting can bring you a whole new understanding of the impact of your amazing work.

We also offer a wide range of other consultancy services for educators, creative businesses and the voluntary sector – including training, policy and practice reviews, project design and strategic planning.  These can be delivered through our Evaluate, Envision and Evolve programs, or as a bespoke package created in consultation with you.

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