Are you making the difference you’re capable of?

On the one hand, trying to keep your clients happy.  On the other hand, making sure you’re compliant with an ever-increasing list of regulations.  And on the third, attracting new funding or investment…wait a minute, who even has three hands?

Leading a heart-centred organisation like a university, an independent school, a voluntary organisation or a social enterprise is always a juggling game; but there are ways to get though it without dropping the things that matter most.

Green Spiral Consulting provides bespoke solutions that put YOU at the centre. 

Your core values.  Your passions.  Your unique selling points.  Your own personal sources of soul-deep motivation.  And from there, we’ll help you to evaluate where you are, envision where you want to go, and evolve to a new level.

Founded by Gemma Burford, a visionary changemaker with almost two decades of experience in organisational leadership and transformation, Green Spiral Consulting can help you to be more than you imagined you’d be.  We offer a wide range of consultancy services, including program evaluation, training, policy and practice reviews, research impact audits, project design and strategic planning, through our Evaluate, Envision and Evolve packages or as a combination package created to suit your needs.

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