Ashley Jay Brockwell, M.Biochem. (Oxon), M.Sc., is an internationally recognised researcher and organisational development consultant with expertise in evaluation, strategic planning, policy review, project design, staff well-being and motivation, and sustainability.

After graduating from Oxford University with a Masters degree in Biochemistry in 1999, Ash moved to Tanzania to become a founder and Co-Director of the arts organisation Aang Serian (House of Peace).  Over time, this evolved into a rural school offering an innovative intercultural education and Indigenous Knowledge program – which Ash co-developed with local youth and elders – alongside the national curriculum.

Ash successfully raised over £400,000 in funding for the school and related projects over a period of ten years, including two successive grants from Equality Now for a grassroots project focusing on involving the whole community in ending female genital mutilation.  This resulted in over 100 FGM practitioners abandoning the practice, which was almost entirely eradicated in at least four of the eight villages where the project took place.

Academic career

On returning to the UK in 2010, Ash joined the Values and Sustainability Research Group at the University of Brighton as a key member of the team that pioneered values-focused approaches to evaluation – becoming a Research Fellow in 2012.

Ash has contributed to more than 30 peer-reviewed publications spanning the fields of design, evaluation, environmental management, international public health policy and sustainability, and is a world leader in the development and application of values-based sustainability indicators – the theoretical foundations of Multi-Level Evaluation – and is currently finalising a PhD (by Published Work) in Education for Sustainability at Wageningen University and Research Centre, The Netherlands, as an external candidate.

In 2015, Ash was awarded the Working Paper Prize at the international launch of the Community Animation and Social Innovation Centre (CASIC) at Keele University.  The winning paper, Collaborative research for sustainability, an inside-out design manifesto, can be downloaded free of charge from the CASIC Working Papers site.

Freelance consultancy

After leaving the University of Brighton in 2016, Ash set up Green Spiral Consulting to develop creative ways of helping organisations to evaluate their work, envision new strategies, and evolve policies and practices to support their emerging visions.  The foundation of this three-step transformation process is the unique Multi-Level Evaluation methodology, which helps stakeholders to think about a situation from different perspectives and ‘walk a mile in each other’s shoes’.

Ash has worked with diverse clients including the University of Winchester, The Open University, Arts Catalyst, The Culture Capital Exchange, Hampshire Police, Kensington and Chelsea College, and The New Forest Small School.