Create a shared vision that inspires and motivates your stakeholders, and link it to SMART objectives, funding bids, and/or strategic plans

When you’ve worked out where you are, the next question is where you want to go.  So after you’ve completed your evaluation phase – whether it’s a self-assessment, an external evaluation, an inspection, or a policy and practice review – you’ll probably want to start creating some new visions, goals and plans.

As one of the key members (2010-2016) of the University of Brighton team that pioneered the Values-Focused Evaluation approach, and more recently as a freelancer, I’ve facilitated workshops with a very wide range of organisations – schools, charities, community groups, universities, collaborative research project teams, creative businesses, faith groups, National Health Service staff, and even a university chaplaincy – to help them understand what matters most to them and develop strategic objectives.

Some of the services that I can offer are:

  • Helping your organisation to develop new mission, vision, and/or values statements
  • Facilitating workshops on:
    • Project design, including co-design and participatory design
    • Fundraising – ‘Walking a Mile in the Funder’s Shoes’ (can be generic, or tailored for specific funders through analysis of their website and guidelines)
    • Strategic planning
  • Supporting you in creating a strategic plan from a set of values statements
  • Providing feedback on a draft strategic plan or funding application
  • Training multi-stakeholder project teams in Collaborative Research Design, e.g. for community-university partnerships

In all my ‘Envision’ work, I use creative methods to get you thinking and interacting, instead of standing at the front of a room and talking at you for two hours.  If you’re lucky, I might bring paint.  Most people underestimate the awesomeness of acrylic paint as an organisational development tool. (Don’t worry, you don’t have to be the next Van Gogh.  If you can write your name, you’ve got enough talent.) Or if the people who own your building confiscate all my paint tubes, I’ll try and sneak in some oil pastels instead.

Wherever possible, I like to take the whole team outdoors for a walk-and-talk session, because a breath of fresh air might be just what your organisation needs.  One of the characters in my forthcoming novel insists he gets a better perspective on life from the top of a tree, but I haven’t got brave enough to try that with a group yet.  I think I’ve spent too long reviewing health and safety policies!

Rambles are great.  Brambles, not so good.  So wear long trousers if you want to go for a walk on the wild(ish) side, and please don’t sue me if you still get scratches…

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