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Monitoring and evaluation services to help you meet and exceed national standards, funders’ criteria, and your own bespoke targets

I’ve created Multi-Level Evaluation™ as a game-changing approach that helps you see your company or organisation from up to four perspectives:

  • What matters most to you – are you achieving the outcomes that light you up inside?
  • What matters most to your staff – are you keeping them engaged and motivated?
  • What matters most to funders and regulators – are you ticking all the right boxes?
  • What matters most to your clients or service users – are you making a difference?

By ‘changing the lens’ and looking at the same project in different ways, Multi-Level Evaluation can help you meet and exceed everyone’s expectations, including your own.  You’ll learn how to make sure that you’re complying with national standards, consistently attracting funding or investment, leading a happy and productive workforce, and transforming lives – while doing what you love, and loving what you do!

I can offer independent project evaluations for universities, creative businesses, social entrepreneurs and the voluntary sector, as well as the following specialised services:

  • Self-Evaluation for Churches, Chaplaincies and Faith-Based Organisations
  • Impact Assessment for Collaborative Research
  • Policy and Practice Review for Charities and Small Businesses
  • `OFSTED: Journey to Outstanding‘ – Policy and Practice Review for UK Schools
  • Well-Being and Sustainability Audit
  • Training in Evaluation Design

Please contact me for more information, or to book a free 40-minute Discovery Session to explore how I can help you meet your evaluation and assessment needs: