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Turn your visions into realities and evolve into a learning organisation – so that with every turn of the spiral, things just keep on getting better!

So you’ve evaluated your organisation’s strengths and challenges, built a new vision, identified SMART objectives, and put them into a workable strategic plan that’s got everyone excited.  What comes next?  The doing!

It’s difficult to say much about our ‘Evolve’ program because it’s as individual as you.  What I focus on, at this level, will depend on the nature of your organisation’s biggest challenges and the details of your strategic plan.  But, as a taster, some of the things that I can help you with are:

Embedding Equality and Diversity

Taking compliance with the 2010 Equality Act as your starting point, then helping you to build a culture that doesn’t just ‘tolerate’ diversity, but actively celebrates it as a source of creativity, inspiration and joy.

This might mean, for example, holding special events for Black History Month, International Women’s Day, National Autism Awareness Month, Disability Awareness Month, or the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT) that open people’s minds to think differently:

  • What can we learn from these people and their stories?
  • How might our curricula, policies or services change to honour their perspectives?
  • Where do we still need to decolonise our minds and get rid of unconscious biases?
  • What could we change to make our culture more inclusive and welcoming?  

Living and Learning Sustainability

Shifting from seeing ‘sustainability’ as turning the lights off and putting the coffee cups in the recycling bin, to actively helping every staff member, volunteer and service user to build the SKILL SETS of shaping the future:

  • Learning to know – e.g. critical thinking, understanding sustainability concepts
  • Learning to do – e.g. applying learned knowledge in daily life, acquiring new skills
  • Learning to be – e.g. taking responsibility, believing in your power to create change
  • Learning to live together – e.g. understanding others, managing values conflicts
  • Learning to transform yourself and your organisation – putting it all together to build an engaged community that celebrates diversity, has a sense of solidarity,  promotes sustainable lifestyles, and constantly finds new ways to reduce ecological footprint!

Deep Stakeholder Participation

We can help you move beyond those ghastly token ‘consultations’ – you know, the ones where you wave the completed, rubber-stamped strategic plan under the noses of a couple of service users (“You do not have to say anything, but anything you say may be taken down and, er, ignored…”)  – and find ways of taking people’s views seriously.

Building on Gemma Burford’s six years of research on stakeholder engagement, participatory evaluation and co-design, this program will change the way you think about your service users, clients or students forever.  You’ll decide where to position your organisation on the path from waving things in their faces, to learning about who they are and what they want, learning from them, learning with them in collaborative partnerships, and finally giving them the autonomy to create their own programs.


Meta-design means ‘designing designers’, rather than designing projects.  It’s a mindset based on wanting people (especially those who have traditionally been marginalised) to create their projects in their own way, because they’re the experts of their own experiences.

Through our training in meta-design, you’ll learn how to give your students, clients or service users the tools and mindsets of `design thinking’.  They’ll learn to be the change they want to see in the world – and you’ll be amazed by what they come up with!  Get ready for a wild adventure…

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