This page gives an overview of all the organisational development services that can be offered by Green Spiral Consulting, either separately or as bespoke packages.  To learn more, please visit the dedicated Evaluate, Envision and Evolve pages.


  • Working with you to create a Multi-Level Evaluation framework, which helps you decide what to evaluate by understanding what matters to funders, clients/users, and the frontline team delivering the project
  • Conducting an independent action research evaluation, mid-term review, or final evaluation of your program, using standard or participatory methods
  • Conducting a Research Impact Audit – helping you understand what types of impact you’re hoping for, what you’ve already achieved, and how you can improve
  • Conducting a Policy and Practice Review – making sure you’re meeting the required standards and complying with relevant legislation
  • ‘OFSTED: Journey to Outstanding’ – Policy & Practice Review tailored for UK schools
  • Training staff in Self-Evaluation and/or Evaluation Design


  • Helping your organisation to develop new mission, vision, and/or values statements through values-centred strategic planning
  • Facilitating workshops and training sessions on project design, fundraising, and/or strategic planning
  • Providing feedback on a draft strategic plan or funding application
  • Training multi-stakeholder project teams in Collaborative Research Design


  • Advising on how you can turn your visions, goals and strategic plans into realities
  • Facilitating workshops on:
    • Embedding Equality and Diversity (including trans & non-binary awareness)
    • Living and Learning Sustainability
    • Boosting creativity
    • Improving staff motivation, productivity and well-being
    • Linking the Diversity & Inclusion agenda to workplace well-being
    • Improving student satisfaction
  • Designing and implementing interventions to increase stakeholder participation
  • Training in meta-design (how to enable people to design programs)
  • Conducting consultations with multiple stakeholders


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